Southampton ELC

High-quality intensive English courses for intermediate/advanced students


About the school

Southampton English Language Centre, founded in 1977, holds courses at The University of Southampton.

On average there are 24 students per course, divided into 2 ability groups after a test on the first Monday morning.

The School has established itself as a "niche" school, catering mainly for intermediate and advanced students. Its reputation is based on the friendly, family-type atmosphere, high-quality teaching, and full commitment of highly-qualified staff. These factors have made it a favourite destination, especially for European university students, many of whom return in a later year to take a second course.


Nick Pritchard

Nick Pritchard, B.A. (Hons.), a graduate in English and German, taught for eight years in France and Germany. His fields of expertise include typical errors in English made by German students, and aspects of British Life. He is also a specialist in The English Novel, English poetry, short stories and German into English translation. He regularly runs teacher training workshops and courses in England and Germany. He has also written for Cornelsen and Springer publishing houses.

Nick Pritchard and Geoff Parkes started the School in 1977. Geoff Parkes has since retired.


Laurence Garvin

Laurence Garvin, B.A. (Hons.), Dip. T.E.F.L., has been a regular member of staff since 1983. He taught E.F.L. for several years in Holland before taking up various teaching assignments in London schools and then moving to Southampton. Besides his many English Language skills, he impresses students with his specialist knowledge of the legal system, newspapers, politics, poetry, architecture, history and his wry sense of humour.


Emer Lyons

Emer Lyons, the School secretary, started off by acting as one of our first host families, accommodating students at all times of the year. Her closer involvement with the School began in 2000, when she joined as a regular member of staff. Her friendliness, patience and winning smile help to make her the true "heartbeat" of our organisation!


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